Compliance Framework


Our Compliance Framework is the pillar of our business. It enables our clients to interact with
experts to gain valuable insights, while respecting their limitations.

We have developed technological solutions and operational procedures to ensure a high level of compliance across all
projects. These procedures and systems help navigate through conflict management and also enable
our clients to implement their own compliance standards when interacting with our experts.

This is a key reason why clients overwhelmingly choose to work with Nodes. Should you have any
questions or want to learn more about our compliance framework, please email [email protected].

For Experts

Nodes Experts are required to take a compliance quiz, and sign our Expert Terms and Conditions.

By signing, they agree that they:

  1. Have reviewed all agreements to which they are subjected to and are permitted to join the
    Nodes Expert Network;
  2. Will decline any project that would violate those agreements or any obligations they may
    owe to third parties;
  3. Will not share confidential (including material non-public) information;
  4. Will keep our clients’ interests and information confidential;
  5. Will immediately terminate any consulting projects that move into subject matters they
    cannot discuss;

For Clients

Nodes Clients appoint an authorized representative to sign and agree to our Service Agreement,
which outlines the rules of engagement and limitations when engaging our experts. Should you have
any questions or want to learn more about our compliance framework, please email [email protected].

For Employers

At Nodes, we closely instruct all clients and experts to consult with their own company policies, employment contracts, or any relevant agreements prior to engaging our services. We have established a rigorous legal and compliance framework on confidential information sharing. All participants on our platform are instructed to not share or discuss any confidential or proprietary information.

We respect individual organizations’ policies, prohibiting external consultations on expert network platforms such as Nodes. For this reason, we develop and maintain a DNC List, which allows Nodes to put into effect such policies on any experts/employees who are currently registered or plans to register on our platform. If you are an employer and would like to inform us of any policies regarding external consulting, please feel free to inform us via email at [email protected].